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How Does Physiotherapists Use Radiofrequency Therapy for Pain?

A physiotherapist’s greatest and most important tool is their hands. With expertly-trained hands, practitioners can perform effective manual therapy applying and combining different techniques. However, improving the results of every treatment by coupling manual therapy with other adjunct modalities – such as radiofrequency therapy – augments the ability of the body to stimulate tissue repair, accelerate recovery from injuries, and reduce inflammation and pain, concurrently.

Radiofrequency therapy utilizes a technology to complement manual techniques through accelerating the repair process of damaged tissues in both the inflammation and chronic phases. Radiofrequency treatment works by generating a closed electrical circle where the precise frequency of 448kHz is generated to achieve biostimulation, with or without a thermal effect guided by the physiotherapist’s hands.

In published research, radiofrequency therapy has been demonstrated to have a positive effect by increasing blood perfusion (Kumaran & Watson 2017) therefore increasing oxygen and nutrients. In molecular studies (Hernandez-Bule et al 2014a, b), radiofrequency has been shown to stimulate stem cell proliferation. Essentially by targeting soft, living tissues using radiofrequency equipment (e.g., the INDIBA Therapy used at HelloPhysio) guided by a therapist’s unique skills with physical, hands-on modality enhances the therapeutic effect by increasing deep blood flow and the nutrient, oxygen and defence-agent supply of the treated tissue. The effect of the combined therapy creates immediate and intense pain relief, muscle relaxation, edema reduction; and, supports tissue regeneration with both instantaneous and long-lasting results.

The improvement of natural tissue regeneration is a valuable secondary outcome of radio frequency therapy. Traumatized soft tissue heals faster through resorption of post-injury haematomas. Furthermore, walls of the arterioles are enlarged and precapillary sphincters relaxed allowing for the increased local, deep blood flow; increase of the lymphatic drainage and reduction of swelling or bruises.

At HelloPhysio, we combine manual therapy with the INDIBA radiofrequency technology, with an establish 35 years of scientific research and clinical studies wealth to support the technology used in their devices. The technology is a market leading treatment in radiofrequency treatments, accelerating the natural recovery of the body and restoring vitality. We find that the combination of manual therapy, exercise, manual techniques and one-of-a-kind INDIBA radiofrequency leads to unparalleled results for an acute muscle injury as well as chronic low back pain; pelvic health treatments for men and women; and, in post-natal treatments, pelvic pain and incontinence.

With over 300 scientific papers supporting INDIBA, it’s the leading company in the world for research related to radiofrequency. This research has proven that INDIBA is a very safe and effective technology. If you’re experiencing any pain, joint range mobility, or have recently experienced an injury or surgery, let us help you say ‘Goodbye To Pain’ today. Find out more about HelloPhyiso’s services here.

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