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Sleep, Training and Recovery

Clients often come in and ask how I maintain a daily active lifestyle and train at optimal levels, all-the-meanwhile keep a full schedule of work and family time. My answer...

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Where can I get a physiotherapy brochure from?

ONLINE. We are paperless.

What is the Meaning of physiotherapy and how it is important for me?

Physiotherapy is a treatment approach with the use of manual therapy in conjunction with modern machines that aid in tissue healing to reduce pain and optimize pain-free movement; it acts as a catalyst to healing after the client is empowered with movement strategies and exercises that strengthen and support injured areas. It is an important part of gaining a pain-free life.

What are the common types of physiotherapy exercises?

Common types of exercises prescribed for clients include static and dynamic strength work, proprioceptive work (to enhance brain to muscle connection), progressive tissue loading based on client’s tissue capacity at the time of treatment.

Is there any difference between a physiotherapy clinic and a physiotherapy center?

The difference between a clinic and a center is the size of the team and the size of the business. Our clinic serves in a boutique style, a smaller size to fit individuals with one-on-one treatment. It is never an assembly line of services. Common physiotherapeutic treatments available and their definition:

1. Manual therapy

The most important and fundamental tool a physio has is her hands for effective tissue assessment, joint mobilization, soft tissue work, and strengthening exercises.

2. Exercise

Injury recovery and prevention lies in proper exercise prescription used to target muscular imbalances, weak muscles, and keep injury at bay.

3. Patient education

From instructing clients on home-program to educating them on understanding their diagnosis and prognosis, the physio empowers each client to play a direct role to their recovery. For athletes, education on tissue loading with training and modification is the key to continuous improvement while training.

4. ESWT (extracorporeal shockwave therapy)

Using sound wave pressure distribution, energy flux density and the total acoustic energy has been around for more than a decade with its research proven results in treating musculoskeletal disorders. At HelloPhysio, we have both Focal and Radial shockwave to optimally treat the injuries.

5. INDIBA therapy (radiofrequency)

Uses customized 448kHz frequency for active cell therapy in acute, subacute and chronic stages of injury treatment.

Physiotherapy relies on a combination of these techniques, alone and in combination, to create a healing environment for injured tissues so clients can return to pain-free daily movement as soon as possible.

How is physio for back pain treated in your Physio Clinic?

Low back pain is treated with individualized case management with use of patient assessment, hands-on manual work and appropriate modalities to assist with the reduction of pain foremost in order to activate pain-free mobility thereafter.

Do you offer Courses like physiotherapy course or Physiotherapy masters programs?


How long is an average physio training?

School for physiotherapy is 5-7 years depending on degree requirements. Our therapist received her Masters in Physical Therapy with highest distinction with 5 year physical therapy program in USA.

How is Hello Physio different from the other physio shop?

Our ability to serve you is unique, to treat not just the symptoms but an integrative treatment focused on your needs. We get real honest results when others have not. Many of our clients have come to us after treatment elsewhere without success, whether acute or chronic. Time and time again they have been more than pleased with the results they experience at HelloPhysio. Your goal is also our goal, to live pain-free.

Do you sell physiotherapy products or physio equipment?

We only sell what we believe will assist our client most. We sell Theragun, the only percussive massage equipment in the market.

Do you do home based Physiotherapy treatments in Singapore?

Yes we do via Telehealth.

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