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Treat Back Pain with Red Light Therapy

Back pain can affect individuals of all ages and can be attributed to a wide range of causes from muscle and ligament strains to spine and vertebrae fractures.

Back pain is typically categorized into three primary areas:  neck, middle and/or lower back. If the pain persists for more than three months the condition is considered chronic and can often become debilitating without proper therapy.

Beyond physiotherapy, an complementary treatment option exist to relieve back pain so that you can return to your normal daily life without pain. Red Light Therapy (also referred to as ‘Photobiomodulation’) is becoming more widely accepted as a treatment option to manage pain from osteoarthritis, tendinitis, and other musculoskeletal disorders of the back. The therapeutic red light emits a narrow spectrum at 630nm and 850nm to activate the body’s natural healing response at the cellular level for lasting relief from pain.

This low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is applied with detailed wavelengths, intensity, and dose. The administration of a red and near-infrared light allows for deeper penetration beyond the skin to reach damaged cells. The use of infrared light therapy stimulates healing at the cell and tissular levels in the affected area to reduce inflammation and pain.


Infrared light therapy

Red Light Therapy energizes cells that drives a hosts of physiological processes including repair, replication and healing of injured areas. The benefits of Photobiomodulation therapy are manifold:

  • Boosts cellular energy
  • Amplifies the inflammatory healing response
  • Activates stem cells
  • Accelerates collagen production
  • Enhances biostimulation

Through the process of activating the body’s natural physiological responses, the therapy allows the body to heal itself and accelerate recovery reducing pain.


Physical Benefits of A Red and Infrared Light Therapy Source

Therapy of this nature is effective by accessing the mitochondria enzymes of the body with the appropriate wavelength turning this light energy into ATP for cellular use.

Mitochondria enzymes of the damaged area cannot operate at an effective level which creates inflammation and pain. Assisting with the creation of ATP is recreating the normal functions found in a healthy individual while the damaged area is healing.

The creation of ATP through low-level light therapy also improves circulation by dilating the blood vessels. ATP interacts with the nitric oxide used by the body’s system to communicate between cells in the circulation process. The flow of blood in the body is necessary to promote any form of healing.

This artificial light source is not new to the body. The body uses sunlight sources in a similar manner producing Vitamin D through our skin when exposed to the outdoors for particular lengths of time. Exposing our eyes to the sunshine via the outdoors gives these rays access to our photo-sensitive retina which stimulates the pituitary glands in our brains assisting with the maintenance of an essential vital organ of the body. However with Photobiomodulation, the harmful effects of UV rays are taken out so that only the beneficial spectrum of light is absorbed.  Applying low-level light therapy to damaged tissue areas at the cellular level offers similar assistance to the maintenance of physical functions.


Beyond Back Pain … The Extended Benefits

As an athlete, Photobiomodulation quickens recovery so that your training goes smoothly.  It’s a popular recovery tool used by elite athletes in the USA and Europe. For those who have general aches and pains, Photobiomodulation Red Light Therapy assists with decreasing pain. For people with autoimmune diseases and skin pigmentation disorders, the treatment stimulates circulation and the elasticity of the skin.

If you’re looking for a non-invasive, natural alternative for pain relief, learn more about Avantir Wellness’ NovoTHOR Red Light Therapy at HelloPhysio for the treatment of neck aches and stiffness, upper back pain, strains and sprains, arthritis and stiffness.

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