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Hello Physio Jenny Huang Physiotherapist

Jenny Huang

Founder & Senior Physiotherapist

Jenny Huang, the founder of HelloPhysio, is an experienced physiotherapist who graduated with magna cum laude in 1997 with her Masters in Physical Therapy degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch (hook ‘em horns). She has a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & healthcare industry with a specific focus on Injury Prevention, Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Medicine, and Sports Physio.

She loves learning and teaching and strives to provide the highest standard of patient care and customer service. Prior to conceiving HelloPhysio, she was disheartened by the business-focused practices and felt that patient care should be front and center.

Jenny’s vision is to build a physiotherapy clinic that raises the bar of patient care, patient experience, and patient empowerment. She uses an evidence-based model of treatment of hands-on manual therapy combined with state-of-the-art equipment including Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy, INDABA radiofrequency, Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (radial and focal), and LightSpeed Lift to enhance tissue healing and regeneration to help clients return to pain-free movement.

Jenny is a mom to two awesome teenage kids and loves to run. Not only is she a sports physio but she is a podium-placing athlete – first in some notable races such as 2013 Sundown 100km ultramarathon, 2014 Great Eastern half-marathon, 2015 The North Face 50km ultra duo, 2016 Star Wars race winning the Death Star trophy (you can rub the trophy for good luck at HelloPhysio).

Brand Ambassador

  • New Balance
  • Garmin
  • Jabra
  • Gatorade
  • Compressport
  • EloWater
  • TheraGun
Best physiotherapist Singapore

Máire Nic Amhlaoibh

Senior Physiotherapist

Máire Nic Amhlaoibh, the senior physiotherapist, graduated with distinction Masters in Physiotherapy in 2012 from Queen Margaret University (Edinburgh, Scotland) and received a Bachelors (Hons) in Athletic Therapy and training from Dublin, Ireland in 2010. Máire specializes in treating lower limb injuries – especially the hip joint and tendinopathies of the hip.

Whilst in university Máire completed courses in a trigger point release, kinesio® taping, massage, muscle energy technique, and myofascial release; and has since received specialized training in dry needling, diagnostic ultrasound, running injuries, and running gait analysis, and shockwave therapy. She also worked with multiple semi-professional rugby clubs in Edinburgh to further her experience with sports injuries and rehabilitation. After which, she returned to Ireland to work in a private practice specializing in sports injuries and rehabilitation across both amateur and professional sports Registered.

She believes in using the principles of Pilates with both the clinical population and elite athletes as part of their rehabilitation process. This has given Máire excellent knowledge on functional movement patterns and extensive training in all areas of human movement and gait. Máire has also completed training in pre and post-natal exercise prescription, pelvic floor dysfunction, and rectus diastasis rehab post partum, as well as return to run programs post pardum.

But Máire’s real passion is running: Running is her love and it is her knowledge of the sport that she has been lucky enough to incorporate into her physiotherapy especially when treating running and sports injuries.


  • Kinesio® Tape Application Certified
  • APPI Mat Certified
  • Balanced Body Reformer and Equipment based Pilates Trained
  • OMT Dry Needling Practitioner
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Running gait analysis
 Clinical Pilates Singapore Wany Misban

Wany Misban

Clinical Pilates Instructor

Wany provides one-on-one Clinical Pilates and personal training sessions to help clients reach individual goals one at a time. She works intimately with clients to become more aware of their movements to keep their joints mobile and muscles strong. Part of her instruction includes recommendations to create the right balance of diet and sleep to get clients to where they want to be physically and mentally. Whether the goal is weight loss; getting abs, guns, or the buns; or, lifting heavier, running faster, or sleeping better, she develops training programs together with clients to achieve personal goals. Through Clinical Pilates, she also rehabilitates injuries and restores strength. She helps prenatal clients build strength to balance postural changes during pregnancy or to ease clients back into workouts after pregnancy.

Wany says, “Movement is fundamental in our lives. Exercise is optional. How fluid and painless it depends on our daily practice”.

Physiotherapy degree

Jinella Chua

Sports Massage Therapist

Jinella is an athlete, outdoor enthusiast, and trained sports massage therapist.

Her deep knowledge of sports massage therapy techniques is only complemented by her expert hands to help clients who suffer from injuries alleviate their pain or to aid in a physiotherapy post-injury rehabilitation treatment plan. As an athlete herself, she understands how a pre- post-event sports massage can benefit clients in a race or as part of maintenance while training hard.

Having had a thousand and one aches and injuries in the past, she says, “I KNOW pain. I feel for the clients and want to help ease the cause of their muscular discomfort.”

Registered Physiotherapist Singapore

Mary Ho

Lymphatic Drainage & Craniosacral Therapy

Mary is a heart-centered healer who believes in listening to your needs to help identify the areas that require attention. Using her intuition and tapping into 10 years of combined Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Energy Work, and Craniosacral Therapy, no one session is ever the same.

With Mary, you will almost immediately experience a deep sense of the dedication and unconditional love she pours into each session.

She has also received training in Macrobiotics at the prestigious Kushi Institute in Amsterdam and travels to international health forums to conduct workshops and cooking demonstrations.

Mary is also curious in food culture and world cuisine, and grows her own edible plants.

Best physiotherapist singapore

Celine Koo

Pilates Instructor

Celine works to inspire her clients through her own experience of regular Pilates practice complemented with strength training. Finding her love of Pilates first in 2004 while at university, she later pivoted from a career in corporate law to her passion as a Pilates instructor. She instructs clients about the benefits of Pilates for rehabilitation, postural alignment and strength training. Her core focus centers around prenatal and postnatal Pilates to reinforce the body’s support, increase stability for better posture and alignment, prevent postpartum issues and accelerate the postnatal recovery process.

Celine is a certified STOTT Pilates Reformer, Balanced Body Comprehensive, MOTR ® Full Body Training System, and Bodhi Suspension System ® trainer. Her goal is to keep clients motivated and challenged while having fun during training sessions.

Certified physiotherapist

Cassandra Ansari Hie

Sports Massage Therapist

Cassie is a firm believer that everyone, athletes or not, can benefit from a sports massage. She took up running in 2015 to lose weight. Running has also ignited her passion for the sport. She realized the importance of regular sports massages and the benefits one can reap from it after being injured herself in 2017 from running daily without any proper knowledge of maintenance and taking care of her body.

She left her 20 years of marketing job to become a Certified Sports Massage therapist. Her aim is to educate runners and athletes on the importance and benefits of regular sports massage.

An ultra trail runner junkie, Cassie travels regularly for mountain trail races. As a therapist, she works with many runners who would see her for their pre and post races. She gets her job satisfaction when her patients tell her they feel lighter and feel like flying after the sports massage.

Best registered physiotherapist

Sariah Othman

Office Administrative Assistant

Sariah approaches the clinic’s hospitality with a solution-focused urgency to answer questions about physiotherapy services and complementary treatment options.

She is our front desk “superwoman” and plays a key role in our day-to-day operations to better serve our clients with a heartful smile.

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