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HelloPhysio's senior physiotherapists and rehabilitation therapy team are here to be the catalyst of healing in your recovery journey. Whether you're rehabilitating from a previous dysfunction, looking for relief from chronic pain, suffering from an acute sports injury, or preparing for surgery, our knowledgeable clinical team has decades of experience in injury presentations and robust strategies to address your musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Combining manual therapies with trailblazing adjunctive modalities, we help our clients at our sports injury clinic in Singapore rehabilitate from prior injuries, learn about their bodies to improve mobility and movement, and provide sports physiotherapy to prevent future dysfunctions.
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At HelloPhysio, we provide evidence-based protocols and treatments according to the latest research in multidisciplinary healthcare. Our patient-empowerment approach believes in the power of physiotherapy to aid natural healing processes and improve overall outcomes. Our treatment plans are designed to reduce pain and discomfort and prevent the condition from worsening. We strive to help you regain strength, mobility and range of movement.

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Sports Physiotherapy for Injury & Rehabilitation

Sports Injury Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Strength Conditioning

Pain Management

Rehabilitation Therapy for Musculoskeletal Dysfunctions

Prehabilitation & Post-Operative Rehabilitation from Surgery

Joint Replacement Physiotherapy

HelloPhysio’s Integrative Approach

Whether you want to achieve your peak athletic performance, recover from an injury or operation, or to simply live an active, pain-free lifestyle, we have you covered. Our physiotherapists are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, safely and healthily.

Sports Physiotherapy for Injury & Rehabilitation

Sports physical therapy plays an important role in treating, preventing and managing injuries. Treatment helps athletes get back on track, prevention helps them achieve peak performance, and management helps prevent recurring injuries for high-performance athletes. HelloPhysio’s innovative rehabilitation and pain management practice make us a trusted sports physiotherapy partner for many national and elite athletes in Singapore. 

Sports-related injuries require a multidisciplinary approach to effectively evaluate and treat the conditions that affect athletes of different sports. Using innovative techniques, our physiotherapists will help you maintain your active lifestyle, by treating muscle imbalances and the areas of weakness in your body that prevent you from achieving your fitness goals.

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Sports Injury Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Strength Conditioning

Physiotherapists work closely with athletes to design and implement evidence-based strength and conditioning programs, especially following an injury or surgery. These programs are tailored to the individual’s needs, goals, and abilities. We aim to not only improve performance but also to improve the body’s vitality, reducing the risk of future injury.

Pain Management

Athletes accumulate many injuries throughout their careers, developing new sources of pain. To help manage this pain, our team employs a range of evidence-based techniques, including manual therapy, Clinical Pilates, and technology-enhanced modalities such as ultrasound, red light therapy and radiofrequency stimulation. These techniques are used in synchrony with individualized pain management plans that are tailored to meet the athlete’s short and long-term goals.

Sports therapy is not just about treatment – it’s also about prevention. Our team of sports rehabilitation therapists works with athletes, coaches and other sports medicine professionals to provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to build the body’s resilience and manage its pain. Contact our sports injury clinic in Singapore today if you’re suffering from an acute or chronic condition.

Rehabilitation Therapy for Musculoskeletal Dysfunctions

If you have a musculoskeletal dysfunction that requires surgery, physiotherapy can help you both prepare and recover for your operation. Our physiotherapists will work with you to design a prehabilitation and rehabilitation program best suited to your needs.

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Before surgery, prehabilitation can assist you with your mobility and flexibility, so that your body is balanced and prepared for your operation. Prehabilitation is a proactive approach, geared towards preparing the body for surgery, or other medical procedures. It can include exercises and stretches to target the critical muscle groups, and teach you how to manage the pain and discomfort that follows surgery. Prehabilitation helps put your body and mind into the best space it can be, to improve your post-surgical outcomes. 

Post-Operative Rehabilitation from Surgery

Physical therapy is critical in your post-operative recovery process to help your body restore balance and recover steadily. At HelloPhysio, we work intimately with orthopedic surgeons and healthcare providers to design programs best suited to your needs. This can include manual therapy, Clinical Pilates, or muscle reeducation following your surgery to aid the healing process.

Having a physiotherapist ready after your surgery can help avoid the most common post-surgery complications, like muscle weakness, adhesions, or scarring. Post-surgery physical therapy can alleviate pain, improve your range of motion, and restore strength and function to assist the healing process.

Joint Replacement Physiotherapy 

Joint replacement surgery, also known as arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure that involves replacing a damaged joint with an artificial one. The most common joints that are replaced are the hip, knee and shoulder, afflicted by conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteonecrosis, fractures, avascular necrosis, post-traumatic arthritis, and degenerative joint disease.

People tend to avoid arthroplasty until it’s the last resort but like any other surgery, its pains and difficulties can be eased by prehabilitation and/or rehabilitation.

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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Sports Clinic

At HelloPhysio, we believe in an integrative approach to diagnose, treat, and prevent chronic or acute musculoskeletal injuries. Our team utilizes the most advanced and innovative modalities such as INDIBA Activ ®, Magnetolith EMTT, Shockwave Therapy, and LightStim Red Light Therapy in conjunction with evidence-based therapies such as dry needling, sports therapy massages and Clinical Pilates to help restore balance to your body.

Our multidisciplinary team of physiotherapists and rehabilitation therapists aims to:

  • Alleviate pain and inflammation following an injury
  • Restore full function to the affected body part
  • Accelerate recovery and enable a return to normal sports activities
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle throughout sports rehabilitation
  • Reduce the risk of future or recurrent injuries
  • Increase strength in injured or weakened muscles

At HelloPhysio, our physiotherapists provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to the management of sports-related injuries, whether it be post-ACL reconstruction, shoulder impingement or hip labral tears. Our ultimate goal is to enable athletes to return to their sport at their optimal level of performance, through sustainable means.

Physiotherapy FAQs

For the majority of cases, the answer to this question is yes. For more information about your insurance coverage, consult our clinical appointment staff as well as your insurer.

The new best practice, PEACE & LOVE, replaces RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) for soft tissue injury management like hamstring strains, calf strains, and ankle sprains. Read our article on PEACE & LOVE acute sports injury physio protocols.

Sports physiotherapy not only focuses on treating existing injuries but also on preventing future injuries. This includes identifying and addressing any underlying risk factors, such as muscle imbalances or weaknesses, and providing guidance on how to maintain optimal physical condition. Using advanced technology, physiotherapists can show athletes where their muscle imbalances lie and develop a sports-specific strength and conditioning program, tailored to their specific needs and goals.

Physiotherapists treat a wide range of sports-related injuries such as sprains and strains, ACL tears, rotator cuff injuries, tendonitis, shin splints, stress fractures, and more. They also provide post-operative care and rehabilitation following surgeries such as ACL reconstruction, shoulder surgery, and hip surgery.

Physiotherapists use a variety of techniques to manage pain for athletes, such as manual therapy, exercises, modalities like ultrasound and electrical stimulation, dry needling, and sports massages. They also provide an individualized pain management plan that is tailored to the athlete’s specific needs and goals. Physiotherapists may also collaborate with other healthcare providers, such as doctors, to provide a multidisciplinary approach to pain management.

HelloPhysio paves the way with both traditional physical therapy and the latest technologies to reduce pain, re-establish movement patterns, and activate muscles so that you can return to your daily life.

Physiotherapy treatment plans are different for each client customized to fit an individual’s needs, injury and lifestyle. Treatments from HelloPhysio may be eligible for claims through your health insurance provider.

Contact us today to arrange a session with a senior physiotherapist to discuss a targeted treatment plan.

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Using manual therapy with proper adjunctive state-of-the-art  equipment to enhance tissue healing, our physiotherapists help clients return to pain-free movement faster. Each physiotherapy rehab plan is never the same for each client as we believe in a personalized physio treatment to address each individual’s musculoskeletal injury and life stressors.

We always believe in going one step more at our rehab center in Singapore by providing continuous care that extends beyond just the physical session to adding Telehealth as part of physio treatment plans. From traditional to sports physiotherapy in Singapore, our clinic incorporates the lastest evidenced-based modalities into patient care.

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EMTT® is an advanced technology developed in Switzerland for the treatment of bone, tendon, muscle, nerve and ligament injuries or disorders throughout the body. This is a state-of-the-art therapy is a non-invasive, safe alternative to steroid injections and other interventions.

EMTT can be used to as a pain relief practice to reduce inflammation in difficult to treat conditions such as bone injuries, stress fractures and arthritic joints. We also use of the technology in harder-to-treatment of conditions such as tendinopathies at our Novena physiotherapy clinic in Singapore.

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Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) uses shockwaves outside of the body to harness intense short energy waves to reduce pain and heal chronic orthopedic conditions at our rehab center in Singapore. It is a non-invasive but powerful adjunctive physiotherapy treatment that delivers acoustic waves to injured soft tissue to for pain relief and to promote healing.

Using both Focal and Radial ESWT at our physiotherapy clinic, Shockwave Therapy a non-invasive treatment to assist with quick healing of injured tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone, etc) at a cellular level. Shockwave works by activating a tissue response by making tissues restart the healing faster while creating minimal scarring.

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Being one of the very few physio clinics in Singapore to fully utilized INDIBA for active rehab, we are proud to say our clients who have received the radiofrequency treatment have reported a decrease in pain immediately post treatment.

INDIBA uses one-of-a-kind long wave radiofrequency of 448 kHz frequency to treat acute, subacute and chronic states of injury. INDIBA creates a therapeutic physio treatment with manual or sports physiotherapy to facilitate tissue recovery while decreasing pain.

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Clinical Pilates is instructed by our highly-experienced trainers to promote strong, stable movement to build muscle strength, improve range of motion, activate postural muscles and the body-brain connection for integrated movement patterns.

As part of our Singapore rehab center, Clinical Pilates targets spine and pelvis alignment in conjunction with breathing and inner core muscles to balance and strengthen the body. Each session may use various rehab techniques, including Pilates reformers, barrel, Stahl bars and other physiotherapy equipment.

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Sports Massage uses intense, detailed manipulation of the soft tissue – muscles, tendons, joint capsules, and fascia – targeted at trouble spots. Specializing in injury management and chronic pain relief massage, and as part of our Singapore sports physio treatments, sports massage therapy helps enhance athletic performance by preventing training injuries and decreasing recovery time.

The massage sessions are highly focused with applied techniques, including myofascial release, deep compression, muscle stripping, and friction, trigger point therapy, stretching, and corrective exercises.

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Red Light Therapy at HelloPhysio energizes cells to drive a host of physiological processes in the body by interacting at the cellular level to restore normal cell function.

Also known as Photobiomodulation, the near infrared therapy improves blood circulation, increases the rate of recovery after injuries, decreases pain and inflammation, boosts energy levels, improves muscle performance, aids in sleep, and a host of other benefits.

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As a treatment option at our Novena physiotherapy clinic, Dry Needling is a popular and effective means to treat pain using a sterile needle inserted to trigger points of the muscle and/or fascia to activate our body’s response for a natural anti-inflammatory recovery process, especially for sports physiotherapy clients. Trigger points are targeted by dry needling as other techniques may not be able to go so deep.

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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) is a gentle and non-invasive technique that activates the body’s circulation to help the immune system by working with the interstitial and lymphatic system.

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Craniosacral therapy is a non-invasive process balancing the powerful flow of the cerebrospinal fluids and the nervous system. It is used to activate the body to self heal and restore body balance as part of our services at our physio rehab center in Singapore.

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When the COVID pandemic hit globally, rehabilitation and pain relief practice was mandated to go online as physical therapy care at our physio clinics was restricted. The use of digital communication to provide quality treatments ensured continuity and accessibility of care. From that, we realized the effectiveness and the efficiency of telehealth for physiotherapy and rehab.

Research supports telehealth’s benefits to maintain positive client outcomes, especially when it comes to physiotherapy treatment and rehab in Singapore. We all know that life post pandemic has changed and we will continue to provide Telehealth to clients who meet the needs of online consultation.