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The Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatic system serves as a part of the body’s immune system by assisting with the removal of toxins from the body.


It operates much like the circulatory system in that it uses vessels to move throughout the body picking up toxins and disposing of them within the cluster-like formations named lymph nodes. Within these lymph nodes are cells that attack and remove the delivered toxins from the body. Assisting these nodes in a natural manner does include drinking an adequate supply of water, exercise, and healthy eating. For a lymphatic system not operating at its optimum level, outside of a medical physical to determine its level of seriousness, a specially developed massage to promote circulation while assisting in a toxin removal session is offered by physio or lymphatic therapists trained in this health building technique. This method is named lymphatic drainage massage.

The Benefits of a Lymphatic Drain Massage

The lymphatic system is a cluster of cells located in the neck, collarbone, armpits and groin area. When these toxin fighting cells are overloaded with work that may be caused by injury or infection these particular areas may swell and can be painful. The assistance of specifically designed massage to assist these nodes in its ability to create and serve a healthy body is available through trained physio or lymphatic  therapists.

The lymph network itself sits upon the muscles and requires a trained hand to apply the appropriate pressure without causing further damage to this valuable system. With a light touch upon the lymphatic system the physio therapist applies the necessary circular motion with upward strokes assisting the lymph system of the area to move its stored toxins to the nearest waste removal lymph node station.

With a personally designed treatment plan the patient will experience a much more relaxed physical state and with a decided upon regiment the results of a swollen area experiencing a damaged lymphatic system should no longer plague the rejuvenated body.

Additional Information

Alongside the employment of a lymphatic drainage massage, additional assistance to promote the optimal function of the lymphatic system are resting a hot cloth upon the visibly swollen node, dietary suggestion such as the regular intake of cranberry juice, and the inclusion of green vegetables within a healthy meal are common remedies recommended. These additional suggestions provide relaxation to the lymph system while providing necessary vitamins and minerals required for the lymph system to operate and maintain a healthy body. Because this system operates within a fluid environment especially in a climate of healing the required amount of clean water intake is a logical habit to observe. These additional suggestions are more in line with maintaining the body than an actual cure for overworked lymph nodes.

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