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How to Treat Sports Injuries with Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is considered a conventional method of evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment in the process of restoring a patient to a healthy state without the use of medication or surgery.


This method uses a physiotherapist to exact recommended treatments such as but not limited to modalities such as focal or radial shockwave, INDIBA Therapy (radiofrequency), progressive activation and strength work of muscle through exercise, and endurance activities.

Rehabilitation of Sports Injury

Professional sports are known to employ physiotherapists to ensure the health of athletes for scheduled performances. This type of therapy is used to rehabilitate and stabilize a well-known sports injury with evident practices such as:

Torn ligaments and tendons – The tissue and muscle surrounding the damaged area are exercised for proper and faster healing.

Broken Bones – Once the broken bone has healed, through the management of repeated muscle movement for strength, there is a return to healthy mobility.

Sprains – The weakened tissue and muscle surrounding the bone are soothed and strengthened with exercise for movement without pain allowing the patient to regain abilities without restraint.

In each of these injuries, muscle damage is a possibility that can be reconditioned through treatments such as manual work to reduce spasms and proper, specific exercise prescription to strengthen the damaged tissue while promoting a faster healing time with less likelihood of reinjury.

Common Physiotherapy Practices

Exercises – These exercises encourage the movement of the body which creates proper movement removing stiffness and pain.

Endurance activities – This method creates a healthier body overall by exercising your heart, lungs, and breathing.

Shockwave – Two types of shockwave therapy to promote healing are focal and radial. Focal concentrates on a smaller location and penetrates the skin much deeper than the radial option to proper blood circulation and provide pain relief. The radial option sends sound waves to a much larger area and does not go as deep into the affected area while still promoting healing to the affected area.

Radiofrequency – Where the shockwave offers soundwaves as a healing option, radiofrequency uses electrical waves to assist with healing. One of the most common names used for this medical option is INDIBA, the actual equipment which provides the treatment. Radiofrequency is offered for pain relief, muscle spasm relief, and the promotion of blood circulation in the identified area.

Physiotherapists are recognized by MOH (Ministry of Health) and governed by AHPC (Allied Health Professional Council) to protect the consumer as well as making sure all physiotherapists are properly trained and qualified. This level of expertise that cannot be trained in months but years, offers the patient a more thorough assessment of injury thus an assurance of adequate treatment. The mobility of the body infused with the strengthening of the patient’s damaged tissue is the goal of the physiotherapists.

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