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Sleep, Training and Recovery

Clients often come in and ask how I maintain a daily active lifestyle and train at optimal levels, all-the-meanwhile keep a full schedule of work and family time. My answer is sleep.

Sleep is more important than training: it’s what makes each training session optimal. When we talk about competition and being at our best, neither supplements nor the newest running shoes on the market supersede the effects of sleep on performance.

Although what I like about sleep is, well frankly, it keeps my appearance young, when it comes to training and optimal performance, sleep goes beyond the simple idea of “beauty.” Sleep provides the mental acuity to make the right decisions, quickly. It improves my agility and coordination. But what’s most important when it comes to race day and what brings together all the days of training into a powerful race is sleep.

So when it comes to the most important rehabilitation process and the single differentiator between clients who get stronger and decrease their pain perception versus clients who struggle to gain strength with lower tolerance for pain is sleep. Health is wealth; there’s no price tag on health. My primary aim as a “running physio” is to ensure that clients get better, faster, and in less sessions to reduce the need to return consistently.

[Photo above of Jenny Huang, founding and senior physiotherapist, HelloPhysio and HelloPhysio Rehab.]

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