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As a go-to physiotherapist in Singapore, HelloPhysio founder JENNY HUANG credits the success of running her own physiotherapy clinic to the sport of running.

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Here, the Singapore physio shares how the sport transformed her life and how she brings her passion into her clinical practice. Plus, she explains the benefits of combining traditional manual therapy with non-invasive techniques like shockwave therapy.

How I Discovered My Love for Running

It was a decade ago when Jenny discovered her love of running. As a single full-time mum dealing with a series of unfortunate life events, running “found” her, she says. It became a constant that kept her going.

“Running gave me the confidence that I needed during a difficult point in my life. There was a peace in the repetition of doing something over and over again, gaining strength and getting faster. Beyond the endorphin highs, I love that it also gives me the strength to continually believe in myself.”

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Just a year into running, Jenny became a podium-placing athlete. When she decided to take on a 100-kilometre ultra-marathon just to show her kids “that their mom could finish”, she came home with the first-place trophy!

“I know things in life should be more intrinsically motivated. But it’s rewarding to know that what I did shows my kids that they can accomplish anything they strive for.”

Sports Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries

As a go-to physiotherapist in Singapore for many athletes, Jenny most commonly sees overuse injuries like shin splints, calf muscle strains, ankle sprains and plantar fasciitis from newer runners. In more seasoned athletes, the Singapore physio says she sees more chronic conditions like Achilles tendonitis at the sports injury clinic.

Sports physiotherapy is a vital component in the rehabilitation process for sports injuries. HelloPhysio’s is a sports injury clinic in Singapore that can provide physiotherapy treatments and advice to speed the healing process for athletes.

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