HelloPhysio Opens Second Clinic at Raffles Shopping Arcade

The buzz of anticipation for our team was unmistakable, leading to HelloPhysio’s unveiling of its second clinic at Raffles Shopping Arcade in Singapore. 


Raffles Shopping Arcade Singapore

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The anticipation was palpable among the crowd of athletes, orthopaedic specialists, business professionals and HelloPhysio’s team at the unveiling of HelloPhysio’s second clinic at Raffles Shopping Arcade in Singapore – all eager and excited to ring in this new venture!

“The opening of HelloPhysio’s new clinic at Raffles Shopping Arcade isn’t just a matter of expanding our clinic,” says Jenny Huang, the visionary founder of HelloPhysio. “It’s a significant stride in making leading physiotherapy services more accessible to a broader demographic in Singapore.”

Raffles Shopping Arcade Innomed

The clinic’s strategic location at the Raffles Arcade, a central hub bustling with business travellers, tourists and locals alike, is not just convenient. It reflects a deeper understanding of the city’s rhythm and the diverse needs of its people. 

Significantly advancing HelloPhysio’s mission of making premiere physiotherapy services accessible to more people, the new clinic isn’t only a geographical convenience; it’s also providing access to the highest-quality healthcare. By opening this second clinic, HelloPhysio ensures that more individuals can benefit from advanced physiotherapy treatments, whether they’re busy professionals, the elderly, athletes, or tourists. No matter who they are, they can access the best musculoskeletal care, injury recovery and wellness support at one of HelloPhysio’s two locations.

Raffles Shopping Arcade athletes

As the doors swung open at the grand opening event, the crowd stepped in eagerly, excited to be the first to enjoy the new clinic.

Raffles Shopping Arcade medical

“Whether you’re based in Singapore or a tourist travelling from abroad running through the city and accidentally spraining your ankle, the clinic is a place that can help when you’re so far from home so that you’re able to enjoy the rest of your vacation without pain,” says Jenny Huang, founder and senior physiotherapist at HelloPhysio.

Raffles Shopping Arcade senior physiotherapists

Conor McHugh is at the helm of the new clinic. The opening also marked the debut of Karen Yu, the latest addition to the HelloPhysio team, with her comprehensive background in treating musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries, and postnatal care.

Raffles Shopping Arcade clinic

Jenny mingled with the excited attendees, sharing insights and stories of the clinic’s journey. “When I started with a single clinic in Novena in 2019, my dream was to redefine patient empowerment. Today, as we open our doors at Raffles, HelloPhysio’s growing team of six physiotherapists have come together to see that dream take a new shape.” Her words were tinged with gratitude and excitement, with this new location being another step in HelloPhysio’s ongoing journey.

Raffles Shopping Arcade physio

The clinic’s approach, a blend of manual therapy and cutting-edge technologies like INDIBA® Activ and Shockwave Therapy, is designed not just to treat but to transform lives. This ethos was palpable in the energy of the opening event, aptly named “Kopi and Kookies,” a nod to Singapore’s rich culture.

Raffles Shopping Arcade physiotherapy near me

As the grand opening drew close, the significance of HelloPhysio’s new clinic became increasingly clear. It wasn’t just about the convenience of location or the breadth of services; it was about embedding a centre of healing and wellness in the balance of the daily lives of those in and around Raffles Shopping Arcade. It was an event that brought together the essence of community, wellness and innovation.

Raffles Shopping Arcade opening

HelloPhysio’s new clinic goes beyond being a place for therapy; it’s a space where stories of pain, resilience and recovery come together, marking the beginning of many journeys towards health and wellbeing.

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